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Fighting for space in the retail world is critical for expanding the reach of your product. Modern perishable food business owners are in search of technologies that can give them an advantage that retail buyers will notice. Whether you are new to the industry, or have been running your business for years and are trying to adapt to the new trends, what can you do to ensure you stay at the top of your field? That is where Harvest Food Solutions is here to help.

To help sway your retailers, perishable foods companies need to understand one thing – data. Data controls everything about your business, both in the present, and the future. Data analysis supports critical decision-making capabilities in order for greater sales effectiveness. Additionally, it greatly improves product innovation and – maybe most importantly – it enhances profitability. But, as important as big data can be, it can sometimes be tough to understand, and even tougher to realize the depths to which data can benefit your business. Throughout this post, we will share with you some ways to properly utilize business intelligence (BI) in your operation, and how that can give you a serious advantage over your intense competition.