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by Crystal Yuan, Feeding Our Kids Summer & Fall Intern and Psychology Student at UIUC According to multiple studies, childhood food insecurity can result in serious consequences on physical health, academic performance, general development, and mental health. For mental health, food insecurity can cause significant psychological stress, depressive disorders and increase the risk of other [...]

My Why

by Andrea Sullivan; Feeding Our Kids; Board Vice-President “Make sure you bring your laundry basket to carry everything home in,” my neighbor had told me.  I had remembered, but staring down into that empty laundry basket, standing in the middle of an almost empty gravel parking lot, I felt lost.  And ashamed. And confused about [...]

Blog Posts Coming Soon!

We are excited to bring you stories, updates, and perspectives about Feeding Our Kids and the issue of food insecurity. A few posts are already done and just being edited and readied for publication. Stay tuned!!!