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What We Do

Our Mission:

To provide nourishing food to food-insecure school children in Champaign County on weekends and school holidays throughout the school year.

Our Vision:

Helping food-insecure school children in Champaign County to break down one barrier toward success that will help enable them to learn and accomplish great things as they grow up.


Our Goals:

Our goals are to spread community awareness of hunger and to assist every Champaign County school in need. With 1 in every 5 children in need, hunger touches all of us, whether those struggling are our neighbors, school friends, or work colleagues. With ongoing community support, we believe we can alleviate hunger in our community! We are fortunate to work with many great organizations whose mission is to eliminate food insecurity, including the Eastern Illinois Foodbank, Illini Fighting Hunger, and Hope Center, to name a few.