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The 2019-2020 program manual has all information about the Feeding Our Kids program including standard guidelines and procedures.  Please use this as your primary reference guide and overview of the program.


Due to the unique situation of COVID-19, instead of a new release of the program manual, there is only this addendum explaining how operations will be done during the pandemic.


Also due to COVID-19, getting the usual signed consent forms will be even more difficult than normal.  Instead, school program coordinators can get parental consent other ways (phone, email, in-person, etc.).  Parental or guardian consent should be tracked so that the record of consent can easily be found if needed.

You can use this template to record parental consent.  (If you already have another method, that is fine.  The important thing is that there is a record of each child’s parental/guardian consent.)

CRITICAL NOTE: Remember that these records are for the school to keep.  DO NOT send them to Feeding Our Kids. This is in order to maintain confidentiality of the children & families.


Whenever you need to update the number of children that need food bags at your school, please use this google form.  You can submit the form whenever you need, but please try to only do so once between deliveries to avoid confusion.  Increase requests are subject to restrictions explained on the form.