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Partner School Portal


The program manual has all information about the Feeding Our Kids program including guidelines and procedures.  Please use this as your primary reference guide.


Whenever you need to update the number of children that need food bags at your school, please use this google form.  You can submit the form whenever you need, but please try to only do so once between deliveries to avoid confusion.  Increase requests are subject to restrictions explained on the form.


The menus of the food bags are listed in this google sheet.  You can review the menu in advance to see if any items may fall under a dietary restriction of any of your students so you can plan on swapping out items as necessary.  PLEASE NOTE: These menus are subject to change, especially if we run out of some items in real time and need to use a different item we have available.


If you need to get in contact with another school that is partnered with Feeding Our Kids, please go here to access the contact sheet.  (Password Protected)