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A Statement on Food Insecurity & Racial Inequity (June 11,2020)

Our guiding vision at Feeding Our Kids is to help break down the barrier of food insecurity for school children in Champaign County so they can focus on learning. Food insecurity rates are deeply entangled with racial inequity and we support all efforts to come together as a community to address these issues.  Even before recent events, Feeding Our Kids had already been working to bring in more voices and perspectives from the various populations that we serve, especially the black community, and we are even more committed to doing so now.  We will continue to work alongside local diverse organizations to tear down barriers of hunger, educational disparities, racial inequities, and any other barriers to success for our kids.

Our Mission

To fight food insecurity among the youth of Champaign County

Our Vision

Eliminate hunger to enable kids to grow and develop

We Care About Kids!

Our mission is simple: We provide nourishing food to food insecure school children on weekends and school holidays throughout the school year. How we execute that mission takes many hands and a great deal of generosity. Our organization primarily runs on volunteers who pack food in bags for and deliver food to our 36 schools. Our donors, corporate sponsors and community partners have made this work possible with their donations and grants. The social workers in the schools work hard to identify which kids need our services, and provide respect and anonymity to them.


Want to help?

No gift is too small! Even if you can’t “adopt-a-school”, we welcome and appreciate all individual contributions. Please donate here to help. You can also sign up on our page to give monthly through automatic withdrawal.

Want to give your time and efforts? Volunteer opportunities are listed here.


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