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What’s in a bag?

  • Each bag includes foods from all 5 food groups plus 2 breakfast and 2 snack foods

  • Below is a month of sample menus

  • How foods are chosen:

    • Availability: we try to take full advantage of sales, limited availability foods, new products, and seasonality.
    • Nutrition: we serve foods from all the food groups for a balance of protein, dairy, fruits, vegetables, and grains.
    • Ease to prepare: we choose foods that many kids are able to prepare themselves with little adult assistance. We also provide recipes and cooking videos to teach kids how to make the foods to suit to their cultural or taste preferences.
    • Variety: we are always looking for new products to introduce to kids. Repeated exposures to a wide variety of foods makes kids more adventurous eaters and increases their willingness to try new foods.
    • Familiarity of traditional “kid” food: we also choose foods that kids have repeatedly told us they enjoy so we balance the intrigue of trying new foods with the familiarity and comfort of old foods. Kids are more likely to try new foods in the setting of a diet that also contains familiar foods.
    • Size: the bags need to be lightweight enough for kids to take home in their backpacks, so heavy canned foods and large package foods are balanced with lightweight and small package foods.


Any feedback regarding the food we put in our bags can be submitted below!