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Who We Are Wednesday: Diana Fischer

Diana Fischer is one of our board members and serves as the liaison between Feeding Our Kids and the Champaign Church of Christ. Here’s more information about Diana.

Q: How did you first become involved with FOK and why do you continue to be involved?

A: I heard about this organization through my church and was asked to be in charge of opening the building. As time went on I became very active volunteering with Feeding Our Kids.

Q: What do you do outside of Feeding Our Kids?

A: I’m a retired teacher but I get to visit with family and some friends on my patio. My son and his family are moving to Idaho, so traveling, hopefully will be in my future.

Q: Tell us something unique about yourself (hobbies, fun facts, talents, etc.)

A: I have always enjoyed singing but group singing is out of the picture for a while. I’m an avid reader and enjoy learning new things. I’ve become interested in working puzzles of late since I’ve been staying indoors more recently.