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2021-2022 Adopt-a-School Sponsors

Thank you to all of our 2021-2022 Adopt-a-School Sponsors who support students at these schools and sponsor food bags for students for the entire year.  Thank you for your generosity!


Hausman Farms: North Ward Elementary, Tuscola


Door of Hope Church: Stratton Academy of the Arts, Champaign

Samantha Steelman: Robeson Elementary, Champaign

Vineyard Church: Dr. King Elementary, Urbana


Codagami: Bottenfield Elementary, Champaign

Ravi Hasanadka: Dr. King Elementary, Urbana

The Morris Family: Ludlow Grade School

The Nelson Family: Champaign Early Childhood, Champaign

Rector Construction: Garden Hills Academy, Champaign

St. Matthew Kindergarten: CU Early, Urbana

Travis & Jamie Vermillion: Thomasboro Grade School

The Vineyard Families of St. Joseph: St. Joseph Elementary and Middle School


Aziz Ahmed and Family: Thomas Paine Elementary, Urbana

The Bogner and Babiarz Families: Barkstall Elementary, Champaign

In Memory of Carolyn Lee: Leal Elementary, Urbana

The Hanlon Family: Robeson Elementary, Champaign

Linda Sergent: Booker T. Washington STEM Academy, Champaign