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school kidsFeeding Our Kids was founded in 2013 by Ann Kirkland and Jenelle Thompson-Keene after they learned that kids were going home hungry in their kids’ schools. The program started with 18 kids at Westview and Robeson Elementary schools in Champaign.

In the 2018-2019 school year, over 800 school-aged children across Champaign County and Tuscola receive bags of nutritious snacks on weekends and holidays through Feeding Our Kids.

Our mission is simple: We provide nourishing food to food insecure school children on weekends and school holidays throughout the school year. How we execute that mission takes many hands and a great deal of generosity. Our organization primarily runs on volunteers who pack food in bags for and deliver food to our 33 schools. Our donors, corporate sponsors and community partners have made this work possible with their donations and grants. The social workers in the schools work hard to identify which kids need our services, and provide respect and anonymity to them.

As we continue to provide food to the children in our community, we also work to spread awareness about hunger and food insecurity by speaking to organizations. If you are interested in having Feeding Our Kids speak with your organization, email us at info@feedingourkids.org.

Our Leadership includes Executive Director Matthew Hausman and Board members Lori Rogers, Diana Fischer, Rene Shunk, Andrea Sullivan, Summer Curry, Vanessa Morris and Steve Essex.