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Donate Grain to Feeding Our Kids

Photo Credit: Jim Baltz


Food insecurity is not just an issue in bigger towns.  It also affects rural communities as well.  Feeding Our Kids supports more than 100 kids in these rural school districts: Fisher, Ludlow, St. Joseph, Thomasboro, and Tuscola.

If you are a local farmer, especially in one of these districts, and would like to support Feeding Our Kids, you can now make donations of grain. Donating grain can have significant tax advantages for farmers. This also allows you to help feed local children in your community while you feed the world. If this works for you, please consider donating grain to Feeding Our Kids.

Feeding Our Kids now has an account at Premier Cooperative. If you use Premier for your grain handling services, you can just let them know that you’d like to donate to Feeding Our Kids:

Feeding Our Kids (Premier Account Number: 65753)

PO Box 7422; Champaign, IL 61826

If you need documentation both for your records and to provide Premier, you can use this Transfer Authorization Form.

If you are not a member of Premier but are still interested in donating grain to Feeding Our Kids, please contact us and we can discuss options and next steps for your donation.

Also, if you’d like your donation to benefit a specific school, and receive a receipt for the donation, please fill out this brief Donation Form.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about donating grain to Feeding Our Kids.