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Feeding Our Kids is serving over 1000 area students this school year.  Local groups and families are helping us serve them by “adopting” local schools.  These sponsors and the schools they have adopted are listed here.

The Basics

Sponsors pledge to support at least five students at a specific school at a cost of $150/student. Feeding Our Kids will recognize and promote sponsors that have adopted schools in a variety of ways throughout the school year, especially via social media.

More details are below and you can also download the Adopt-a-School brochure.


Please fill out this interest form and someone from Feeding Our Kids will contact you soon to discuss Adopt-a-School in more detail and talk about next steps.

You can also email us at adopt@feedingourkids.org

A Bit More Info…

How Does it Work?

  1. Sponsors pledge to support at least five students, up to a maximum number the sponsor chooses, through the school year, based on a cost of $150/student
  2. Sponsors designate one or more local schools to “adopt”, or they can allow Feeding Our Kids to choose a school that may be in need of sponsors.
  3. At the beginning of the school year, Feeding Our Kids and the participating schools will confirm the number of students needing sponsorship
  4. Feeding Our Kids will then review these numbers with sponsors and finalize the donation and payment plans

Sponsor Recognition

Your generosity is greatly appreciated, and sponsors will be recognized in a variety of ways, including a Thank-You Social Event.  Throughout the year, we will also recognize sponsors in the following ways, based on their level of sponsorship.

  • Friend (5-9 Kids) – Name on webpage and food delivery bins
  • Supporter (10-19 Kids) – Name & logo on webpage and bins, Sponsor Spotlight on Social Media
  • Advocate (20-29 Kids) – All the above, plus additional Sponsor Spotlights and logo posted at sort activities
  • Partner (30-49 Kids) – All the above, plus a school-based activity (ex. food delivery & photo opportunity)
  • Champion (50+ Kids) – All the above, plus customized Sponsor Spotlight and logo on delivery trailer

A Note on Child Anonymity

Due to the social stigma of food insecurity, the anonymity of participating students and families is paramount.  Therefore, sponsors will not receive pictures or identifying information about the children they are supporting.  Instead, Feeding Our Kids will share testimonials from the schools regarding the positive impact they see from this program and your support.