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CU Better Together


The CU Better Together Program is a coordinated effort of the Stephens Family YMCA, Champaign and Urbana School Districts, C-U Schools Foundation, the city of Champaign, and over 20 local churches to combat food insecurity and provide for families of school-aged children. Other organizations are also joining in this endeavor.

The program will be working to provide extra food to families alongside the school meal distributions.

Feeding Our Kids is supporting this effort in the background by offering resources, information, and an additional platform for sharing information and recruiting volunteers.

The United Way and the Community Foundation’s Champaign County COVID-19 Relief Fund are providing $65,000 in initial funds and will help manage the CU Better Together funds as well.

Support for The CU Better Together Program is greatly appreciated. Donation to the fundraiser and volunteers will allow the CU Better Together Program to support families and better the community during this time of crises. Links Below.




Volunteer at Vineyard Church to help the Champaign Schools:



Volunteer at Stone Creek Church to help the Urbana Schools: