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Sponsor Spotlight: Rector Construction

We are pleased to recognize one of our premier sponsors!

Who are they?

They strive to provide reliable construction and remodeling services to the residents of Central Illinois. The four owners each bring unique talents to the table. As owners, they do not desire to have better homes, cars or “stuff”. They desire the company to help better Champaign County.

Why do they support Feeding Our Kids?

They are a business that models putting the needs of others and people in our local community first.

We could not serve all children without the support of Rector Construction. We thank you for all you do for us.

More about them:

Website: www.rectorconstruction.com

Facebook: RectorConstruction

Contact Info:

503 S Country Fair Dr

Champaign, IL 61821

(217) 281-7000

We gratefully thank our sponsors for supporting Feeding Our Kids. If you are interested in becoming a Sponsor, please CLICK HERE.