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Volunteer Areas

We have several different impact areas to volunteer in!


Our volunteers helping pack bags and putting them into bins at a Food Sort


Food Sorts:


Food Sorts will be at both Champaign Church of Christ (Mondays from 5-6 and alternating Tuesdays from 3-4) and Hope Center (Alternating Tuesdays from 3-4).  Volunteers will be packing bags for area schools.  Ages 5 and up are welcome!


Sign up for Champaign Church of Christ Food Sorts Here

Sign up for Hope Center Food Sorts Here



Food Receiving and Stocking Volunteers

Our food being received and unloaded with the help of volunteers

Food Receiving and Stocking:

(Champaign Church of Christ and Hope Center)

Food deliveries will be on the 2nd Monday of the month from 12:30-1:30 at CCOC and the 4th Monday from 12:30-1:30 at Hope Center.  Volunteers will help unload pallets and restock shelves.  (Please note that this may include lifting and moving boxes of up to 25 pounds.)


Sign up for Hope Center Food Receiving & Stocking (Urbana)

Sign up for Champaign Church of Christ Food Receiving & Stocking




Volunteers loading bins up for delivery to local schools


Delivery Volunteers:

We will need delivery drivers for the fall semester.  If you are interested in helping please fill out this Driver Interest Form or reach out to us at info@feedingourkids.org.