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Volunteer Areas

We have several different impact areas to volunteer in!


Our volunteers helping pack bags and loading them into bins at a Food Sort


Food Sorts:

Every Monday from 5-7 pm and Tuesday from 3-5 pm

Every Monday night from 5-7 pm and Tuesday afternoon from 3-5 pm, we host a food sort at the Champaign Church of Christ. Our volunteers pack several different food items into individual bags and fill them up into bins for each school, which we then distribute out to the local schools.


Food Receiving and Stocking Volunteers

Our food being received and unloaded with the help of volunteers

Food Receiving and Stocking:

2nd Monday of each month from 12:30-1:30 pm

Once a month, we need help unloading our delivery trucks and storing the food that we receive from the Eastern Illinois Foodbank, in addition to what we order ourselves.

If you are interested in volunteering at one of our food sorts or helping with food receiving & stocking, please fill out this form.



Volunteers loading bins up for delivery to local schools


School & Home Delivery Volunteers:

The delivery process to the schools is rapidly changing due to COVID.  We currently deliver food to our schools on Wednesday mornings. We are also doing anonymous home deliveries for some families on the weekends (you must already be a registered volunteer with the school district to do this).

If you are interested in helping with school & home deliveries, please fill out this form.