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P-EBT Donations

Did you receive a P-EBT card from the State?


If you and your family don’t need the extra funds or have some to spare, you can use your card to help support Feeding Our Kids!

PLEASE NOTE: The cards are non-transferable.  So we are unable to accept P-EBT cards themselves.

Here are two other ways you can use your card to contribute:

  1. Buy your own groceries and donate the equivalent to Feeding Our Kids (Donate Here!)
  2. Purchase some specific food items for us including
    • shelf-stable white milk from Costco
    • mandarin oranges from Sam’s Club
    • boxes of raisins from Aldi

Refer to our Donation Items List to see what other food donations we need! Please make sure to buy the individually wrapped packages so it’s easier to pack in bags.


Thank you for your support!