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Here are a variety of resources.  Both to learn more about food insecurity and to find assistance if you need it.

Need Assistance?

Food and Community Resources – Here is a list of local food pantries and other resources in the area, listed in English, Spanish, and French.  We will try to make sure this information is up-to-date.

United Way 211 Program – You can call “211” on your phone, or go online, and receive personalized and anonymous help in identifying assistance programs in the area.

Other Resources, especially during COVID-19.  (Courtesy of United Way)

More Information about Food Insecurity

Feeding America: Hunger in America – Feeding America is the largest hunger organization in the US.  This page is a good overview of the issue of Food Insecurity in our country.

Eastern Illinois Foodbank – EIF is the primary food source in the area for organizations like Feeding Our Kids