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Sponsor Spotlight: The Vineyard Church of Central Illinois

We are pleased to recognize one of our premier sponsors!

Who are they?

The Vineyard Church of Central Illinois has served the community for over 40 years and has developed a network of Community Partners throughout Champaign-Urbana. They want to help further the mission and vision of these area partners and assist in supporting residents in the local community and that by working together we can all truly make a difference!

Why do they support Feeding Our Kids?

The Vineyard Church supports many community partners including Feeding Our Kids.  They value supporting positive projects that transform our local cities and that aligns with the focus of how Feeding Our Kids serves students in the local schools. Food insecurity is an ongoing challenge for many families.  During the past year Feeding Our Kids has partnered with The Vineyard Church to use Hope Center as their second packing location to serve Urbana schools and it has been a very successful first year.

The Vineyard Church also sponsors Dr. King School in Urbana through the Feeding Our Kids “Adopt-a-School” program.

Community Support and Outreach

The Vineyard Church and the Hope Center offer many programs to serve the local community.  The Hope Center has a weekly food pantry distribution for anyone who resides in Champaign County.  They also provide a little free food pantry that is located in front of their building for individuals to pick up food for anyone who may face food insecurity.  The Vineyard connects with many community partners to bring awareness of events and community projects as well as to provide volunteer or other types of assistance.

We could not serve all the children we do without the support of The Vineyard Church and Hope Center. Thank you so much.

More about them:

Website: www.tvc.us

Facebook: The Vineyard Church of Central Illinois and Hope Center

Instagram: vineyardcentralillinois and hopecenterurbana

Contact Info:

Laura Bice, Community Outreach Director

Email: laura.bice@thevineyardchurch.us

We gratefully thank our sponsors for supporting Feeding Our Kids. If you are interested in becoming a Sponsor, please CLICK HERE.