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Updated Volunteer Policies – July 2021

As we prepare for the upcoming school year, bring on our secondary site at the Hope Center, and emerge from the pandemic (hopefully), we have updated our volunteer policies.  These are always subject to change and refinement as circumstances change.

Thank you so much for your continued support of Feeding Our Kids with your time and efforts!

  • Masks for food sorts: one room will be masks-required and the other will be masks-optional.
    • Room B at the Champaign Church of Christ and the Café Area at the Hope Center will still have masks required for all participants. However, in Room A at the church and the Curtain Room at the HC, masks will be optional for vaccinated individuals.
    • Rationale: We want to maintain an area at food sorts for people that still may be cautious and would prefer to be in a room where everyone is masked, while still recognizing that most people are vaccinated and want the choice to wear a mask or not.
    • If you had hoped to volunteer in Room A (or the Curtain Room), but it is full, and you don’t have a mask, we will provide a mask so you can volunteer in the mask-required area.
    • For other volunteer activities, such as when receiving food deliveries, when people are coming in and out of rooms and not staying in a room for long-periods of time, masks will be optional.
  • Children are welcome to volunteer again
  • Based on the survey data we have received, we will maintain the smaller, more frequent sorts.
    • We will raise the limit per room to seven (7) people
    • We will have sorts every Monday evening, except holidays, at the Champaign Church of Christ from 5-7 PM
    • Tuesday sorts will be from 3-5 PM and will alternate each week between the Champaign Church of Christ and the Hope Center. So please pay attention regarding which site you sign up for if you would like to volunteer on Tuesdays.
  • Scheduling and sign-ups for the fall semester are in work and will be available soon.  This will include food sorts and sign-ups for delivery volunteers to take food to the schools. Please stay tuned!!!

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