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Who We Are Wednesday: Lori Rogers

Lori Rogers is our Fundraising Committee Chair. Here’s more information about Lori.

Q: How did you first become involved with FOK and why do you continue to be involved?

A: I started with Feeding Our Kids back in 2014. I saw the article in the News-Gazette showcasing Feeding Our Kids, and knew this was an organization of which I wanted to be a part. Both of my parents were teachers, and they made my sister and me cognizant of the fact that some of our peers had additional challenges going in their personal life we knew nothing about; yet they were still expected to perform and behave at school no matter what those struggles were. My mom uses to bring food into school to feed the children who hadn’t eaten that morning because she knew they did better when they had eaten. Those types of stories from my folks have stuck with me, and knowing those challenges continues even now is why I continue to be a part of Feeding Our Kids. That bag of food we send home with students empowers them in the midst of things they may not have control over. For the past year, I have been a part of the FOK Fundraising Committee, which is a vital part of continuing our work. Without the help of our amazing donors, we wouldn’t be able to send home so many bags to students.

Q: What do you do outside of Feeding Our Kids?

A: I work part-time with Unit 4 as a Mentor/Volunteer Coordinator at Robeson and Westview Elementary Schools. We connect community members to students, one to one, to help build connections that provide support, encouragement, and guidance. We also help provide volunteers to teachers to offer additional help in the classroom. I also teach fitness classes at the Stephens Family YMCA, my favorite of which is BodyCombat, which involves punching and kicking. (Hello! Stress relief!) I am lucky to be surrounded by my husband, Nick, and my son and daughter, as well as some amazing friends all of whom keep me sane, love me unconditionally, and make me laugh.

Q: Tell us something unique about yourself (hobbies, fun facts, talents, etc.)

A: I love to garden! Playing in the dirt is what keeps me grounded. I guess that is why I don’t like winter… you can’t really play in the dirt!

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